From Copenhagen to Nordkap, the nordics is a patchwork of cultures and different lifestyles – but one thing we do have in common is good taste! 

Everyday the Nordic life is becoming busier and the demand for high quality convenience products is increasing by the day.

The Nordics is the fifth largest economy in Europe and the twelfth largest in the world. The average Nordic purchasing power per capita is twice as high as the European average, ranking higher than France, Germany and Great Britain.

The Nordics consists of four countries with about 20 million people speaking four different main languages. There’s 2,400 kilometres from Copenhagen to the most northern point of Norway. That’s even more than the distance between London and Athens.

From an outside perspective the Nordic people might look the same, but take a closer look and you will find that we are very different in our preferences, also when it comes to food.

Did you know that;

·      58 % of all Danes eat meat every day, whereas only 10-30 % of the rest of the Nordics do?

·      80 % of Swedes believe that buying seasonal fruit and vegetables is beneficial to the environment, but only 57 % of the Norwegians do?

·      21 % of Norwegians are particularly concerned about the content of palm-oil in their food, while only 5 % of the Swedes are?

As a Pan-Nordic organisation we know how to navigate in this diverse market – a large market with regionally based retailers and almost no international players. If you want to venture into the Nordic market with a nice product, our local knowledge will be a real advantage to you.

Considering bringing great taste to the Nordic market? Please don’t hesitate in getting in contact with us.