The Tasteful process

We bring great taste to the Nordic retailers
The world is full of wonderful eating experiences. Our global network of food spotters discovers new food trends and interesting products that have the potential for catching on amongst the Nordic consumers.


Via a process of thorough research, testing, designing and marketing we bring great tasting products to retailers in the Nordic market and turn them into bestsellers.




1. Scouting

Located in many countries around Europe and US, where they work, study and take their children to school, our food spotters are a representative cross section of the population. We are rapidly expanding the network and it is our goal to be covering five continents.

2. Selecting

We take a closer look at the trends and products that our food spotters have suggested to us. Which products do we believe have potential? What kind of consumer needs can they meet? Which manufacturers can we cooperate with? Which product categories can we innovate and grow? There must be a good answer to these and many other questions, before we take the idea to the next stage.

3. Setting the scene

Developing a new product for the Nordic market, we do our research and paint the full picture with all its elements. We analyse the market, the value chain, and the distribution, then we design the product itself, from its functionality and taste to its packaging.

4. Testing

Ready with a first issue of the product, we send it through thorough testing in focus groups and to a number of people, who try it out and give us feedback.

5. Adapting

Based on our learning from the first stage of testing, we make all the adjustments required to the product’s taste, functionality, design and packaging.

6. Final testing

To be absolutely certain that we have created a bestseller, we send our new product through individual and focus group testing one more time before launching.

7. Launching

We take the new Tasteful product to market in selected retail shops and stores.