Become a food supplier in Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Finland

The Nordic countries are a diverse and vibrant market that is an attractive business to enter.  Together, they form a strong and powerful economy that stands out when compared to the rest of Europe.

As a result of their economic power, consumers across Scandinavia also possess great purchasing power, but they are also conscious consumers that want to buy high quality goods. At Tasteful, we specialise in helping food manufacturers navigate this diverse and attractive market. As one of the leading food suppliers in Sweden and across the Nordic market, our expertise can guide you every step of the way.

A large part of what we do is based on our in-depth knowledge and curiosity of Scandinavian culture and the diversity that exists among the Nordic countries. To get the most out of launching new exciting convenience food products to these markets, we utilise this knowledge and use it to our food manufacturers’ advantage. The Scandinavian consumers’ quality-driven approach to food and other goods is something that we consider an important factor when helping manufacturers enter the Nordic markets successfully and efficiently.

The value of a Nordic network

At Tasteful, we really value our great network connections all over the Nordic region and we are constantly nursing old relations and building new, exciting ones. Cooperating with over 7,000 stores across the Scandinavian countries speaks to our love for networking and the importance of establishing long-standing valuable connections. Our well-integrated position on the market is one of the things we will use to your advantage as a food supplier in Sweden and the rest of the Nordic region.

As part of our large network and connections, we cooperate with experts across various fields of the food industry that are a key component in a successful product launch process. Experts in marketing, design and food safety are part of the process – to name a few. At Tasteful, we are proud of our knowledge in navigating the diverse Nordic market, and we are ready to help you every step of the way.

Successful product launch in the Nordic region

As prominent food suppliers in Sweden, we have a thorough process of assisting your products in entering the various markets across the Nordic regions. The increasingly busy Scandinavian lifestyle makes the Nordic region an exciting space for getting new and flavourful convenience food on the shelves for consumers to enjoy. As food lovers and food suppliers in Sweden, we always make sure to be on top of Nordic and global trends that continue to inspire us.

A private label product is a great point of entry in to the Nordic market, since it is mostly dominated by local retailers in both Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. In the development process, we always work very closely with our retail partners to create the best possible outcome. We test, design and research away when we prepare the launch of new products onto the Nordic market.

Let Tasteful help you navigate the Nordic market

Scandinavia is a diverse region, and as leading food suppliers in Sweden at Tasteful, we always enjoy using our vast local knowledge to the advantage of our manufacturing. Although the countries in the Nordic region have many things that they hold in common, they are also different in a lot of aspects. We use our expert knowledge and years of experience to guide you through the local markets in order to make sure it becomes a success on the shelves.

At Tasteful, we specialise in helping food producers enter the Nordic markets that can be difficult to navigate. Let us guide you through the process of getting your convenience food product on the local markets successfully. We will be an indispensable resource in your journey to entering the Scandinavian food industry, that is very different from what we see in the rest of Europe. The Nordic market is constantly expanding, very dynamic and diverse and it is attractive to enter for your business.

At Tasteful, we enjoy exciting new opportunities and working with other people who love food just as much as we do. If you are just as excited about food as we are, do not hesitate to contact us!

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Tasteful Foods, Flaesketorvet 26-28, 1711 Copenhagen V., Denmark  |   CVR: 35803092  |  © 2019 Tasteful Foods  |  CSR Policy